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Wendy Bermingham
Millpond Studios - stop E

125 Mill Pond Rd. / Tel: (416) 389-5894

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GPS: N 44° 35.178 - W 79° 37.962

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.5863, -79.6327

Have you ever walked through a forest and felt its power and light? Or noticed how a field of wildflowers form into a blanket of colours that sparkle and move with the sun? If you have, then you’ve seen and felt, through the eyes of an artist. Wendy Bermingham is an oil painter with a love for the Canadian landscape. Primarily self taught, Wendy paints full time in her studio or outside on location (called ‘plein air’) and has traveled throughout Canada, Europe and the United States to paint. But it is the Canadian landscape where her true passion lies. Her connection to the land goes back to her childhood, growing up in a small town and spending summers at the cottage. Now, as an artist, she feels a deeper connection that extends to seeing design, colour and light. Wendy finds her inspiration in the patterns and colours created by the light on trees and forests along with the flora and fauna that surrounds them. She loves abstract shapes and tiny details, tangled textures and soft edges and especially swirly, swooping or curvy lines. Wendy paints exclusively in oils because she loves how the medium is great for experimenting and creating layers that form the textural abstract shapes that define her work. Wendy is very efficient at working brush and palette knife together to create amazing texture that looks abstract up close but realistic when standing at a distance. “I’m willing to let new things emerge and direct how my paintings will look in the end. This is when I feel most happy as an artist”. Her hope is that the viewer connects to the same energy and beauty as seen through her eyes. Wendy is an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists and the Society of Canadian Artists, and a member of the East Central Ontario Art Association. Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, United States and Hong Kong.

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