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55 Ridge Road West at Oro Station / Tel: (705) 487-3826

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GPS: N 44° 27.494 - W 79° 431.182

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.458246, -79.519714

Well because of covid l have had a lot of free time without a customer to direct my interests,many old ideas and many new processes could be given a chance.Such as the Raku method of firing and finishing glazes .Porcelain,a white high fired clay which provides a white background for glazes and Pit firing .Pit firing can be done by anyone who can have a backyard fire.YouTube is an excellent source of information for these first two and a book by John Britt a great source of glazes for porcelain. Will we be seeing you at Thanksgiving l hope so Gary Open year round by appointment or chance.

Stop O

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