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3288 Line 9 North -Braestone Centre / Tel: (705) 427-9446

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GPS: N 44° 35.036 - W 79° 34.849

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.58394, -79.58081

CLAUSTRO has been busy working on very large commissioned installations. One being an exciting 9 foot x 11 foot Triptych designed for a staircase. We will then allot time to create new works from our Georgian Bay Adventures for our Midland gallery. We will have select new reproductions for the Images Tour. CLAUSTRO culminates the collaboration of husband and wife artists: painter, Carol Currie and sculptor, Stuart Leggett, and manifests artistic creations known as ‘sculpted paintings’. Both self-taught artists, they have been working collaboratively and professionally full time for over 25 years. Their collaborative works are created in their Midland studios, Stuart spends months developing each exceptional stress relieved solid wood panel onto which he sculpts a bas- relief interpretation of his outdoor experience. Carol then conjoins her experience to the sculpture through a medium which can best be described as contemporary realist painting. It is these collaborations which they have coined as “Sculpted Paintings” – a tactile living painting that invites an interactive and intimate experience with the observer. While the sculptures take a long time to produce, Carol produces Acrylic Paintings on Wood Panels. These too, are produced slowly with attention to detail. We now have third NEW product which are hand produced Giclee Reproductions mounted on Panels. Our composition is minimized from the original landscape, portraying the structural and geological form by emphasizing strong forms, line and contrast to create an intense yet meditative quality to the works. The work evokes an abstract and therefore interpretative quality created by the disparity between starkness and hyperrealism. Juried Exhibitions include Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto Artist Project, McMichael Art Gallery, Chicago and Toronto One of a Kind Art Show, and many more. They are a part of numerous corporate and private collections, Folger Rubinoff LLP, and Arcturus Gallery, in Toronto.

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