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Roy Hickling - stop V

1115 Old Barrie Rd East / Tel: (705) 722-2077

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GPS: N 44° 32.664 - W 79° 32.251

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.544395, -79.537520

My creative interests have evolved over the past three decades from drawing, through figurative oil to abstract acrylic paintings, then culminating in rusted steel sculpture. I appreciate the explorations in scale that steel allows as well as the return of detailed drawing that plasma cutting encourages - I call it drawing with fire. I recently retired after a forty-year farming career and my wife Sue and I have moved to Sand Forest Farm in the dry lots of Oro marking a return two centuries after my founding ancestors settled there. The intersecting disciplines listed above are ongoing, yet Sand Forest Farm has provided a new element – environmental art. Ideas for interactive installations began coming to mind almost as soon as we arrived on the property. I am also a singer songwriter, guitar player, who performs live and has recorded two CD’s. There is an intuitive interconnection within this work with creative sparks arriving unplanned and unannounced. A recent example occurred as I was working on both a new song and a new painting but hadn’t yet discovered what either was about. They both resolved to be about polar ice loss - the same subject, same time, one of the great pleasures of working in multi-disciplines. My creative pursuits are connected thematically and by media. Unconscious elements provide the fuel.

Stop V

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