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Miriam Slan - stop R

50 Museum Dr. (Leacock Museum) / Tel: (416) 409-7273

Artists Website:

GPS: N 44° 36.476 - W 79° 23.621

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.607925, -79.393679

Miriam Slan is an artist whose contemporary acrylic paintings are inspired by nature, both landscape and garden themes. In both cases she enjoys the challenge of portraying nature’s intricate patterns, textures and rhythms. Over the last two years Miriam’s work has been undergoing an exciting development with a new-found freedom of expression and a movement towards a more abstract translation of the world around her. Both her large and small canvasses are a celebration of her love of colour. She likes to avoid literal representations of her subjects and instead seeks to reinterpret them, giving the viewer enough information without overstating it .Inspiration comes constantly whether in Toronto, Orillia or on her travels. Miriam is an elected member of The Society Of Canadian Artists and participates in shows both in Toronto ( The Artist Project and A Spring Affair) and Cottage Country. Her paintings can be seen on her website ​​ and she posts her work on both Instagram and Facebook.

Stop R

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