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Deb Brown
Spiral Dreamworks - stop I

21 Iroquois Ridge, Sugarbush / Tel: (705) 835-6285

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GPS: N 44° 33.685 - W 79° 37.767

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.56143, -79.629453

Deb Brown is a storyteller, and her language is light. This is the beauty of glass art. >>>For Images 2023 Deb has a whole lot of exciting new glass artworks to show you! She has been developing some new techniques, and her new panels and sculptures reflect an ever growing mastery of fused glasswork. >>>Visiting Debs home studio nestled in the trees is an experience to remember. Her brilliant glass art features a variety of themes, including bold landscapes, wildlife portrayals, detailed realism, and intriguing surrealism. Each artwork is not only beautiful, but also has a meaning and story, each designed to reflect the beauty of life. >>>Deb is very grateful for the constant inspiration and gifts provided by nature, and her artworks often honour nature in a variety of ways. New glass sculptures and panels express her love for Trees, Water, the Moon, and the Stars. She is currently working on artworks that explore Ancestral memory, The Faces Of Nature, Rain Dancers, some fun “Crazy Birds” and a “Soul Song” Collection playing with musical themes. >>>Professional glass artist for over 32 years, Deb is renowned for her unforgettable sculptural Fused Glass Art, dynamic Glass & Metal Sculptures, and amazing Fused and Stained Glass panels. Her sculptures often combine glass with welded steel, brass or stone. She also creates several kinds of fused glass jewelry, artglass platters, and whimsical suncatchers. >>>Deb’s artwork constantly evolves, as she explores new techniques, expands her artistic skills and increases her ability to “tell stories” of beauty, light and spirit that give the viewer joy. >>>Deb’s artwork is currently in private and corporate collections throughout Canada and sprinkled across the United States and Europe. Deb’s art has been shown in more than 45 galleries and in over 75 shows. Deb’s home studio, is open year round by appointment only. See facebook: Deb Brown – Spiral Dreamworks Studio. >>>”The goal...the goal? – to give form to the soul. Each in our own way, together a whole. I am an artist, my visions are bright. I sing silent songs of colour and light." -Deb Brown.

Stop I

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