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Heather Smeding - stop Q (Guest)

179 Lakeshore Road West, Oro Station / Tel: (705) 250-2259

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GPS: N 44° 26.422 - W 79° 31.297

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.440369, -79.52162

I am a Storyteller. ‘Heart Tales’ are my current obsession. Each hand-sized decorative heart is an anthology of sorts, a slow-stitched collection of women’s stories told as a treasure trove of left-behind textiles, baubles, and beads. Each ‘Heart Tale’ invites you to look more closely; to engage your imagination; and perhaps even to add a piece of yourself to its story. My singular ‘Junk Drawer Necklaces’ are fun. I smile when I make them and they’re meant to make you smile when you wear them. Carefully curated and assembled, each one is different from the others. They’ll make you stand out from the crowd and maybe even make you jingle when you walk! Curiosity and honouring are central to my creative process. I gather the discarded bits and pieces of women’s lives and with skills taught to me by mothers and grandmothers create new stories from old ones. When you purchase something from me you become, like the next bead in a strand of pearls, part of a continuing her-story. (Also look for greeting cards featuring images from my collection of vintage/antique photographs; a new selection of folded fabric necklaces; and information about Fall/Christmas workshop dates.)

Stop Q

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