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Heather Smeding - stop Q (Guest)

179 Lakeshore Road West, Oro Station / Tel: (705) 250-2259

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GPS: N 44° 26.422 - W 79° 31.297

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.440369, -79.52162

Heather’s ‘storyteller jewelry’ is hand-made and crafted with joy in the folk art tradition. She uses simple tools, her methods are grounded in the traditional female handwork she learned while growing up in rural Ontario, and her process is essentially just a silent ‘conversation’ between her and her materials. She grew up in a small country village with a father who loved to share his childhood memories of schoolyard pranks and barn-raisings and threshing bees. She came to share her dad’s love of family and community history, but her imagination was always most captured in wondering about the lives and hopes and aspirations of the ordinary women and girls whose stories are often neither told nor remembered. Her-story. The inspiration for Heather’s textile/mixed media jewelry comes from her large collection of vintage/antique photographs of these ‘forgotten’ women, and from her treasured cache of historical bric-a-brac.....ribbons and buttons and laces and such that have passed carefully through thrifty and sentimental female hands. Although an individual piece of jewelry is sometimes intended to evoke a sense of one particular woman’s story, Heather’s work and art pays homage to whole generations of women whose collective strength, persistence, ingenuity, and creativity created change and opportunity for those who followed.

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