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Peter Michalski - stop U

2101 Horseshoe Valley Rd.W. / Tel: (705) 309-8919

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GPS: N 44° 31.740 - W 79° 43.620

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.52876, -79.72700

With regards to pottery Peter’s father always says “you got to have some new ideas, the same old will not cut it!” This year Peter has invested time and energy into creating the best lanterns he can. Finished with new glazes, and a variety of carvings, these works are some of his favorite items he’s ever made. Apart from the lanterns, Peter has also explored new “blate” shapes (in between a bowl and plate), and sweet honey pots, with new combinations of glazes, occasionally leading to very satisfying results. On top of these ideas, Peter is still crafting his Woodland Creatures, Ikebana Vases, and Ceramic Totems for the garden. He also continues to explore his natural “crackle pots” and his celestial "apple cider" glaze experiments, crafting a variety of vases and bowls using these unique clay and glaze techniques. If you like to view a wide variety of pottery shapes and ideas, both functional and non-functional, please come by and meet Peter on the Images Studio Tour on Thanksgiving Weekend to see and discuss his work, and support your local arts community.

Stop U

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