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Charlotte Williams - stop j

3288 Line 9 North -Braestone Centre / Tel: (705) 970-2177

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GPS: N 44° 35.036 - W 79° 34.849

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.58394, -79.58081

Charlotte Williams creates her bold landscapes using imagery captured within memories, scenes colourfully displayed and reflections from past travels. Born in England, Charlotte spent some of her childhood in Nigeria before returning to the UK and to Wales. After her studies, she spent many years in Brazil before moving to Canada where she now resides. Her travels and considerable experiences have helped inspire the artist today. The Welsh part of Charlotte’s heritage and her current Canadian life bring together recollections of verdant and pastoral surroundings, which feature prominently in her atmospheric landscapes. “I use poetry for my titles to create a certain resonance and bring a sense of nostalgia to each image.” Working with watercolours and acrylics, inspiration is further gained through poetry and an intense attention to detail. Her artwork produces a feeling from a favourite memory or an image reflected from reminiscence. With candid brushstrokes and a nod to past and present travels, Charlotte evokes a sense of nostalgia which resonates beyond her vibrant landscape imagery. Charlotte’s work brings forth images on side roads, along forgotten country paths and comforting scenic views to give us a sense of reassurance, and a fond remembrance of similar views hidden away but longing to be drawn from our own cherished past. 2019 has been a very busy year with great showings at the Artist Project in Toronto, the Gordon Harrison Gallery in Ottawa, and the Lorimer Galleries in Ottawa and Charlottetown to mention a few. The summer has meant participation at the Riverdale Artwalk in Toronto, the Rosedale Art Fair and the Coldwater Tour. Later in the year Charlotte will be showing at the One of a Kind Christmas Show where she showed her work for the first time in 2018 with great success.

Stop J

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