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Ralph Siferd - Stop V

396 Warminster SR. (Carley Hall) / Tel: (705) 305-1512

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GPS: N 44° 36.877 - W 79° 37.111

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.614619, -79.618511

Meet my new studio assistant, Eldon. Eldon came to me this last year to help me explore a rekindled interest figurative painting, kindled I suspect by the advent of the plague. I’ve spent the last year working on large-scale, narrative pieces that explore the themes of isolation and mortality, themes we’ve all come to know only too well. My work is heavily influenced by the Baroque period in northern Europe but inspiration can come from anywhere, be it Baroque, the Renaissance or Ancient Egypt. I continue to paint Still Life though. As fascinating as large figurative work is, Still Life is also narrative, but it’s a more intimate narrative. It’s the narrative of our lives. That’s why I prefer to use old objects in my work, things that people have touched, used and cherished. Things often tell their own story. I just give them a platform to do it.

Stop V

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