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Margaret Ferraro - stop E

2015 Ridge Rd. W. / Tel: (249) 359-8886

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GPS: N 44° 24.765 - W 79° 34.943

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.4127516, -79.582391

Someone once described my work as “Tom Thompson on uppers” to which I replied Thank you very much for such a nice compliment. Working primarily in oil, with a minor in soft pastel, my current work is a thrilling (to me) combination of carefully drawn images, underpinned, then overlaid with colour, and a splitting of large areas of water, sky or land, into geometric abstraction. I start with an idea of my image. Then underpaint. Next, is colour. I have found working spontaneously in the moment with the next layers of colour, is an exciting gift. My imagery is mostly landscape, but I do love the figure and work also with the figure in natural environs, usually depicting the human figure in unusual positions and defying perspectives. A pure palette of vibrant colour doesn’t hurt. In my teaching life, I specialize in soft pastel, life drawing, and plein air painting workshops. Working en plein air, I am at home in the woods and in nature. For the past thirty years, I have been a workshop instructor, having set up my own studio, in Ottawa, Canada. In 2017, I said goodbye to my home in the Ottawa valley and moved to the Georgian bay region of Ontario, north of Toronto. In 2009, I published my first book, A Time to dance. In 2017, I was named Master pastellist-EM by the Pastel Artist of Canada. My work has been shown in many National and International Art Exhibitions, including the Pastel Society of America (National Arts Club, NYC), The Pastel Artists of Canada (Toronto, Etobicoke, Vancouver and many other locations), and the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada, which exhibits out of Montreal. I’ve also exhibited in commercial galleries, and hosted shows at my studio gallery.

Stop E

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