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271 Lakeshore Rd E / Tel: (647) 287-4397

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GPS: N 44° 27.311 W 79° 29.609

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.455191, -79.493481

When Sandra was 15 years old she realize she had a love for drawing and painting. As an extracurricular school activity she took lessons from an art teacher while living in England. She has been painting for over 30 years as a self-taught artist, painting p/t for many years still life, floral and landscapes. Upon retiring from business, she became a full-time artist concentrating on abstract art. Her gallery/studio is presently located in Oro-Station overlooking Lake Simcoe, where is she currently shows her work. This is one of Sandra‘s influences when painting as the view is an uplifting environment providing inspiration to her everyday life. Sandra has travelled extensively throughout Asia, South America, China, and Europe sketching, capturing colour, and gathering new ideas to bring back to her studio. She now portrays herself as an Abstract Expressionist Artist, concentrating on movement when applying multi layers of paint in her work paying specific attention to her colour choices. Her love for painting on large canvases is her favourite as it showcases movement to best highlight the attributes of her work. This year has been exciting for her as she has spent more time in her studio due to Covid-19 restrictions. She has been working on several series of paintings specifically, her “Fish” series and abstract landscapes. Her landscapes are painted by brush and palette knife and soft common colours and her fish series in bright multi layers with colour popping through here and there. She is constantly experimenting with new ideas with the hope of expanding the possibilities of abstract painting, while at times referencing figuration and landscapes in unique ways. She hopes her clients enjoy her paintings as much as she enjoys painting them. Sandra is more than happy to welcome visitors to her gallery/studio by appointment or by chance. She has participated in the Toronto Online Outdoor Art Fair 2020. Please refer to her website and follow her Instagram and Facebook @SandraTitle

Stop N

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