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Nancy Jones - STOP T

4 Lauder Rd, Oro-Medonte / Tel: (416) 272-6386

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GPS: N 44° 30.721 - W 79° 36.922

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.51202, -79.61537

I am an impressionist artist. When I paint I try to capture the spirit of time and place rather than the reality,. I find my inspiration in the natural beauty of Ontario. It is a rugged, beautiful province. Recently I have been happily painting flowers. It has been a very uplifting experience creating florals that are filled with movement and colour. I create movement and texture in all of my painting, be it a landscape or a floral, by using different brush strokes. To capture wind I will swipe a dry brush over the painting image. It is most interesting to do when the painting is still a bit wet. I often use a damp cloth to wipe back the colours I have applied. This creates a softer texture and reduces the intensity of the colour. At another time I will apply transparent layers of paint using a large brush to soften areas of the painting, perhaps a mist. I also build up luminous colour by applying transparent glazes of colour. To lead the viewer’s eye to the centre of interest in the painting I apply the paint in sharper edges with more contrasting colour in that area. In addition to creating movement and texture it is my exploration of colour that engages me as I paint. Mixing primary colours creates the incredible range of rich colours in my paintings that visitors to my studio have always enjoyed. Please join me in my studio during the Images Studio Tour 2023 and talk about art with me!

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