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Nancy Jones - stop T

4 Lauder Rd, Oro-Medonte / Tel: (416) 272-6386

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GPS: N 44° 30.721 - W 79° 36.922

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.51202, -79.61537

I would describe my painting style as expressionist. I say this because my paintings are intensely personal. When I paint, I strive to convey my personal feelings about the object painted, rather than merely record my observation of it. I believe I am successful if people are emotionally impacted by my paintings. As an expressionist artist I employ several design principles. My compositions are simple and direct. I use strong outlines, simple shapes and bold colours. Depending on the subject matter, I use brushstrokes of opaque colours or a glazing technique for transparent colours. I created a keynote presentation about Colour this year. It allowed me to consolidate the knowledge my colour explorations have taught me. I was invited to give this presentation to the Society of York Region Artists in March of this year. I am looking forward to sharing this Colour presentation with the Orillia Fine Art Association this May 28, 2019. I have been exploring life drawing this year and it is inspiring me. I am wondering where this new exploration will lead me I have a brand new website I invite you to view. It contains painting images, workshop information, dates of upcoming exhibitions and my contact information. My website blog will be up and running in June 2019.

Stop T

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