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Tour Map

Above is a detailed Google map of all Images Thanksgiving Studio Tour stops. You can zoom in or out of the map using the "+" and "- "symbols in the lower corner of the map. You can also reposition the map by clicking and holding the mouse button, then drag the map to the desired position. The map can be re-positioned on mobile devices like phones, iPads and tablets by touching the screen and dragging your finger to the desired position. Clicking of the stop marker will activate a detailed side scroll with stop information.
Detailed Google Maps Of Each Stop Are On Every Artist's Page

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Images Tour Brochure

This link will download the 2023 Images Thanksgiving Studio Tour digital brochure in PDF format. The brochure includes detailed information on each artist on the images tour. Information on stop letter, studio location, GPS coordinates, telephone numbers and email or website info is listed for each artist. The brochure also includes a detailed studio route map found at the back of the brochure. All info included in the brochure can also be found on the artist individual web page, the links to each artist web page are listed below in the 'Index Of Artists' list.
Download 2023 Brochure 21 MB