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Jimi Mckee - stop A

66 Orchard Point Rd, Orillia / Tel: (705) 325-1518

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GPS: N 44° 36.079 - W 79° 22.419

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.601333, -79.373659

James Alexander (Jimi) McKee has been involved in the art field since 1959. He is always “learning by doing” in all fieldsI am working this year in five different modes, as you can see from my photos. 1) Steel layered in three different depths, with my art including A Musician's Life, one of three pieces. 2) Illustrations inspired by fish hooks, including Smoking in the Boys Room and five other pieces. 3) Landscape illustrations from Orchard Point Road, including The Old Boathouse and nine other pieces. 4) Two dimensional representations of art deco women 5) Three dimensional carvings, including the Robin and Babies. This winter, due to COVID, I have completed forty unique pieces including both two and three-dimensional works. I try to explore new styles each year and move beyond categorizations. I am engaged in a diverse practice, driven at an insane pace to constantly create, invent, and reimagine. After fifty years of working as an artist, COVID offers one advantage; having additional time to focus and work through new ideas. All you have to do is fight the insanity that comes with isolation. I'm sure there will be some "dark matter" that emerges.

Stop A

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